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Selection call for applications: Module IV – Developing specific studies and analyses on various educational policies – A8.3 (1)

1. Institution: The Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)

2. Project: Higher Education Evidence Based Policy Making: a necessary premise for progress in Romania, code: 34912

3. Domain: Public policies expert

4. Type and number of available positions: 17 execution positions;

5. Objective:

Developing a multi-dimensional analysis of Romanian higher education institutions

6. Activities in which the expert will be involved:

Activity 8. Developing a pilot exercise for Romanian study programmes rankings and universities classification

A8.3 Developing a multi-dimensional analysis of Romanian higher education institutions

 7. Responsibilities of the experts group:

7.1 Coordinator’s responsibilities:

  • to coordinate the experts’ team in order to fulfill activities objectives and obtain the envisaged deliverables.

7.2 Experts’ team responsibilities:

  • elaborating the reports and presentations of the working group;
  • elaborating an analysis methodology of the Romanian universities profiles;
  • elaborating two analyses of Romanian higher education institutions on the dimensions of internationalization / equity and social cohesion (case studies);
  • elaborating two recommendations on the dimensions of higher education internationalization / equity and social cohesion, based on the universities’ institutional strategies;
  • elaborating two articles on the above-mentioned subjects to be published in an international journal.

Brief description

  • The experts Romanian and foreign experts will collect both national and international relevant documents on the dimensions of internationalization / equity and social cohesion;
  • The experts will collaborate with the activity coordinators in selecting the case studies;
  • The experts will provide recommendations based on the case studies;
  • The international experts will provide studies / information comparative with other public policies / systems;
  • The report has to outline:

Ø  Which were the arguments used;

Ø  What was the process?

Ø  Which were the results?

Ø  Which are the benefits?

Ø  Which future recommendations were made?

  • An additional article deriving from this specific research could be published in a journal.

8. Specific requirements (qualifications and expertise):

8.1   For the coordinator:

  • previous experience in project coordination, study and analyses elaboration, with an emphasis on higher education public policies;
  • university degree;
  • work experience: minimum 10 years;
  • experience in a similar position;
  • computer skills – Windows, Microsoft Office, graphic editing programs;
  • English.

8.2   For the members of the expert team:

  • university degree;
  • experience in the field of public policies at national and international level;
  • work experience: minimum 5 years;
  • work experience in a similar position: minimum 3 years;
  • computer skills – Windows, Microsoft Office, graphic editing programs;
  • English.

9. Knowledge and specific skills:

  • efficiency in time management;
  • professional approach and confidentiality concerning the project objectives;
  • experience in educational projects, with an emphasis in higher education public policies;

10. Activity timeframe:

The activity is scheduled to take place for 10 months, between 1 February 2013 – 30 November 2013.

11. Applications:

The applications will be submitted via e-mail at secretariat-podca@uefiscdi.ro or at the postal address 3, Calea Plevnei St., Bucharest, no later than 17 January 2013, containing:

  • letter of intent;
  • CV (Europass);
  • Copies of diplomas and other relevant documents.