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General objective

The Higher Education Evidence Based Policy Making: a necessary premise for progress in Romania project aims to increase the capacity of public administration for evidence-based policy making, thus leading to a more efficient and modern the higher education system. The main instrument to achieve this goal is the efficient implementation, monitoring and evaluation of governmental intervention, with beneficial impact on public policies formulation in the field of higher education. This will contribute to the successful implementation of objective DMI1.2, Increasing the public administration awareness and responsibility.

Specific objectives

Raising awareness and increasing the efficiency of governmental intervention in the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of higher education public policies will be achieved by fulfillment of the following specific objectives (SO):

SO1: Designing an online knowledge platform which would enable post-implementation development and dynamic exploitation of the project results;

SO2: Developing individual and institutional competences for quantitative and qualitative data collection on the higher education status-quo, by means of elaborating specific methodologies and training of the personnel involved in the data collection and reporting processes;

SO3: Developing the individual and institutional capacity for public policies formulation through training sessions for the pool of resource persons, pilot exercises and guides;

SO4: Conducting a pilot exercise for study programmes classification in the Romanian higher education institutions;

SO5: Increasing the institutional and inter-institutional capacity to substantiate evidence-based public policies at higher education level, by means of statistical analyses;

SO6: Disseminating the project systemic analyses to both the wide public and the international community for information, debate and feedback purposes.