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The implementation of the seven work packages will lead to structural changes in terms of data collecting relevant for the evaluation of the Romanian higher education system.

The most notable deliverables envisaged by the Higher Education Evidence Based Policy Making: a necessary premise for progress in Romania project are:

  • pool of resource persons with experience in elaboration of higher education public policies and the adequate framework for their efficient performance;
  • Harmonized systems for data collection, elaboration and monitoring of indicators used for underpinning public policies;
  • Specific data types to substantiate public policies on the implementation of the Bologna Process action lines, study programmes classifications and university rankings;
  • Specific data collection methodologies for implementing the Bologna Process action lines, study programmes classifications and university rankings;
  • An online platform with the data collected for the elaboration of higher education public policies;
  • A WEB 2.0 online platform with relevant information on the Romanian higher education;
  • Case studies on the elaboration of public policies;
  • set of IT instruments and the specific methodology designed for the semantic analysis of the public policies documents;
  • Semantic analysis reports on the public policies documents;
  • An ex-ante impact assessment of higher education programs classification;
  • An analysis of the current public policies at higher education level;
  • A methodology /funding model of the Romanian higher education, according to the National Education Law;
  • An analysis of the performance and fitness for purpose of the internal quality assurance systems in the Romanian universities;
  • A multi-dimensional analysis of Romanian higher education institutions;
  • Promotion of higher education equity and sustainable development.

The project results will be used by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport, UEFISCDI and the public institutions with higher education responsibilities to improve the institutional framework facilitating the elaboration of national public policies and also to underpin Romania’s commitments at European and international level.