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Selection call for applications

1. Institution: The Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)

2. Project: Higher Education Evidence Based Policy Making: a necessary premise for progress in Romania, code: 34912

3. Domain: Public policies expert

4. Level: execution

5. Objective:

Providing support in organizing project events, in obtaining the project specific activities

6. Activities in which the expert will be involved:

Activity 5: The elaboration of a methodology for underpinning higher education public policies

  • 5.1 Creating up to 10 groups of experts in substantiating higher education public policies. The groups will encompass both Romanian and foreign experts
  • 5.3 Identifying the data necessary for underpinning public policies on the Bologna Process implementation, programs ranking and university classification;
  • 5.4 Elaborating the specific data collection methodologies;
  • 5.6 Elaborating minimum two case studies on the public policies elaboration;
  • 5.7 Developing a set of information instruments and a specific methodology for the semantic analysis of public policies documentation (both national and European) and elaborating four semantic analysis reports on the specific documents concerning higher education public policies (Bologna Process, OECD, etc.)

7. Responsibilities of the experts:

  • Preparaton of project event for results dissemination;
  • Identification of necessary data for public policies underpinning;
  • Support in obtaining the specific data collection methodologies;
  • Support in elaborating the specific case studies on public policies;
  • Support in obtaining the specific semantic analysis reports;

8. Specific requirements (qualifications and expertise):

  • university degree;
  • experience in the field of public policies at national and international level;
  • work experience: minimum 5 years;
  • work experience in a similar position: minimum 3 years;
  • computer skills – Windows, Microsoft Office, graphic editing programs;
  • English.

9. Knowledge and specific skills:

  • efficiency in time management;
  • professional approach and confidentiality concerning the project objectives;
  • experience in educational projects.

10. Activity timeframe:

The activity is scheduled to take place for 10 months, between 1st June  2012 – 31 March 2013.

11. Applications:

The applications will be submitted via e-mail at cezar.haj@ehea.info or at the postal address 3, Calea Plevnei St., Bucharest, no later than 28 May 2012, containing:

  • letter of intent;
  • CV (Europass);
  • Copies of diplomas and other relevant documents.