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Selection call for applications: A5 – Developing an online platform for the collection and interpretation of higher education statistical data


  1. Institution: The Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)
  2. Project: Higher Education Evidence Based Policy Making: a necessary premise for progress in Romania, code: 34912
  3. Domain: IT expert
  4. Type and number of available positions: 1 execution position
  5. Objective:

Developing a core online platform to manage the collected data necessary for the elaboration of higher education public policies and implementing a pilot system with 300 online signatures


  1. Activities in which the expert will be involved:

Activity 5. Developing an online platform for the collection and interpretation of higher education statistical data.

51.1   Elaborating the technical requirements for the tender book by the IT experts and forwarding them to the public acquisitions consultant.

5.1.2. Providing IT expertise throughout the public acquisition procedures for the online platform

5.1.3. Assistance in elaborating the matrix structure of the IT platform by the selected firm and platform testing by the IT experts

5.2. Feeding data and designing the workflow by the IT experts

5.2.1. Integrating platform modules content by the IT experts

5.2.2. Upgrading module content by the IT experts

5.3. Providing platform access by implementing the pilot system with 300 electronic signatures


  1. Expert’s responsibilities

Installation, configuration, security and maintenance of project servers

Brief description:

Design and implementation of an online platform collecting data necessary for the higher education public policies elaboration


  1. Specific requirements (qualifications and expertise):
  • university degree;
  • work experience: minimum 2 years;
  • experience in installation, configuration, security and maintenance of project servers;
  • experience in integrating Active Directory systems;
  • experience in Active Directory users management, communication with Microsoft Exchange;
  • English;
  • prior experience in structural funds projects would be a plus;
  • additional diplomas/ certificates would be a plus.


  1. Knowledge and specific skills:
  • experience in educational projects, with an emphasis in higher education public policies;
  • efficiency in time management;
  • professional approach and confidentiality concerning the project objectives.


  1. Activity timeframe:

The activity is scheduled to take place for 6 months, between 12 August 2013 – 12 January 2014, with a maximum of 26 contractual work days.


  1. Applications:

The applications will be submitted via e-mail at secretariat-podca@uefiscdi.ro or at the postal address 3, Calea Plevnei St., Bucharest, no later than 5 August 2013, containing:

  • letter of intent;
  • CV (Europass);
  • Copies of diplomas and other relevant documents.